A new flora from the Upper Permian of Bletterbach (Dolomites, N-Italy)

Evelyn Kustatscher, Johanna H.A. van Konijnenburg-van Cittert, Kathleen Bauer, Rainer Butzmann, Barbara Meller & Thilo C. Fischer

A new fossiliferous horizon from the famous Bletterbach area is described. The new megafossil locality of late Permian age yields well-preserved plant megafossils, as well as cuticles and in situ pollen. In the flora representatives of the horsetails, seed ferns (Sphenopteris, Lepidopteris, Peltaspermum), putative cycadophytes (two types of Taeniopteris), ginkgophytes (three different leaf types) and conifers (Ortiseia, Pseudovoltzia, Quadrocladus, Pagiophyllum) were distinguished. Remains of doubtful botanical attribution comprise Dicranophyllum-like leaves and Leptostrobus-type of female fructifications as well as permineralized wood and charcoal. Remains of lycophytes reported from the Bletterbach cannot be confirmed. Some of these groups are recorded for the first time from the Bletterbach.


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