A new Middle Triassic (Pelsonian) plant locality in the Non Valley (Trentino, Northern Italy)

Evelyn Kustatscher, Kathleen Bauer & Mike Reich

This is the first description of Anisian plant fossils from the Non Valley (Val di Non, Trentino, northern Italy). The small flora is housed in the collections of the Geoscience Centre of the University of Göttingen and is probably derived from the Pelsonian Voltago Limestone. The flora is composed of sphenophytes (Equisetites conicus), ferns (Neuropteridium elegans, Gordonopteris lorigae), cycads (Dioonitocarpidium sp.) and conifers (Voltzia recubariensis and perhaps Voltzia walchiaeformis). This flora corroborates the position of the western coast of the emerged land that covered part of the Dolomites during the Anisian.


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