A number of additional and revised taxa from the Ladinian flora of the Dolomites, Northern Italy

Evelyn Kustatscher, Johanna H.A. van Konijnenburg – van Cittert & Michael Wachtler

After the description of the flora from the La Valle (Wengen) Formation (Ladinian) in the Dolomites (WACHTLER & VAN KONIJNENBURG-VAN CITTERT, 2000a, b), some new material was found and an extensive search of the old collections in various museums and universities in Europe also unearthed many additional specimens. Moreover, there appeared to be nomenclatorial problems with some taxa as well. For these reasons we are describing a few taxa that have not been described from the La Valle Formation before, and are revising some of the taxa that were described previously, resulting in a description and discussion of the following taxa: the lycopsid Annalepis zeilleri Fliche, the fern Neuropteridium elegans (Brongniart) Schimper together with a fragment of its fertile frond Scolopendrites sp., a fern indet. (formerly Anomopteris mougeotii), the cycadophyte taxa Dioonitocarpidium moroderi (Leonardi) nov. comb. and Sphenozamites sp. cf. S. bronnii, and the conifer Pelourdea vogesiaca (Schimper et Mougeot) Seward. A short general discussion of the flora is presented as well.


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