Botanica e micologia

Bestandsaufnahme des Meerträubels in Südtirol

Wilhalm T.

Stands of Ephedra helvetica in South Tyrol were completely surveyed for the first time. Apart from a systematic search for previously unknown sites, the objective was to precisely locate the individual stands and to record population size, composition of sexes, and phytosociological features. The data are meant to better allow the observation of the development of the population in the future. In addition to the locations that were already known from the literature near the localities Sigmundskron (extinct), Schlanders, and Naturns, new sites of Ephedra helvetica are reported for the first time. They are located near Juval, Tappein, Kortsch and Eyrs (missing). Despite the lack of concrete comparative data, it is likely that the population of Ephedra helvetica in South Tyrol has increased during the twentieth century. Nevertheless, the species is considered to be endangered because of the absolute relict character of the stands which cover a total area of only about 6,500 m² and which, at least in part, are being affected by spontaneous reafforestation.



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