Botanica e micologia

Bromus diandrus in Österreich

Wilhalm T. & Pagitz K.

Austrian herbarium specimens of Bromus rigidus were revised with the result that all of them were reclassified as B. diandrus. Since references to B. rigidus in the literature are essentially based upon these investigated specimens, it is to be assumed that, first, they all refer to B. diandrus and, second, that B. rigidus has not yet actually been recorded in Austria. Furthermore, since there is no evidence of herbarium specimens classified as B. diandrus nor of references relating to it, B.diandrus may hereby be definitely confirmed for Austria. A further result of the revision was the first record of B. diandrus for North Tyrol. The taxonomy and nomenclature of Bromus diandrus and B. rigidus are elucidated and the distinguishing features of both taxa are provided.

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