Did the Czekanowskiales already exist in the late Permian?

Evelyn Kustatscher, Henk Visscher & Johanna H. A. van Konijnenburg-van Cittert

Isolated capsule-like reproductive organs from the upper Permian of the Southern Alps, NE Italy, are described as Brinkia gen. nov. Two species have been distinguished, i.e. Brinkia kerpiana sp. nov. and B. cortianensis sp. nov. Brinkia capsules resemble in gross morphology single valves of the Leptostrobus-type, Mesozoic reproductive organs belonging to the Czekanowskiales. A czekanowskialean affinity is reinforced by the fact that the Brinkia remains are found associated with strap-like leaves resembling those of Czekanowskia. This would expand the record of the Czekanowskiales to the Wuchiapingian (early Lopingian) and suggests that, during the arid late Permian climate, representatives of the order could occupy the more humid habitats within the deltaic floodplain formed during a sea-level rise.


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