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Botanica e micologia

Die Armleuchteralgen (Characeae) Südtirols

Michael Hohla, Thomas Wilhalm & Thomas Gregor

Stoneworts (Characeae) have never been the subject of a systematic survey in South Tyrol. While there was a certain interest in this group of plants in the 19th century, further study of this group of plants failed to take place for almost a whole century. Since Characeae now play an important role in nature conservation, due in part to the Fauna-Flora-Habitat Directive of the European Union, it was necessary to compile an inventory of this plant group in South Tyrol. In this work we present a checklist of all Characeae species hitherto known to South Tyrol, discussing each species and its distribution.

checklist, stoneworts, Southern Tyrol, algae.

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