Botanica e micologia

Die Erforschung der Flora Südtirols im 20. Jahrhundert

Wilhalm T.

The 19th century was an extremely fertile time for the exploration of the flora of South Tyrol. The detailed explanations in the „Flora  der  gefürsteten  Grafschaft  Tirol,  des  Landes  Vorarlberg  und  des  Fürstentums   Liechtenstein“  (Dalla Torre & Sarnthein 1900-1913) are eloquent evidence of this. The turmoil of the two world wars, the annexation of South Tyrol by Italy and other circumstances led to the fact that the continuous and intensive occupation with the regional flora broke off and only slowly had to adjust again – half a century passed over it.  This paper provides information on how the history of flora recording continued in the 20th century, what progress has been made and where we stand today.

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