Botanica e micologia

Die Gattung Alchemilla L. (Rosaceae) in Südtirol

Georg Aichner, Thomas Wilhalm & Francesco Festi

The state of knowledge of the genus Alchemilla in South Tyrol was highly incomplete until the end of the 20th century. This was true for the species inventory as well as for the distribution of individual species. From the 1980s onwards, the first comprehensive distribution data were obtained in the course of floristic mapping by the Botanical Institute of the University of Vienna, and the species inventory grew to 41 species. Within the framework of a project initiated and coordinated by the Museum of Nature South Tyrol, an area-wide survey (grid mapping) of the Alchemilla species of South
Tyrol was carried out in the period 2010–2022, accompanied by the establishment of a comprehensive and complete Alchemilla herbarium. The results of the intensive field surveys, revision activities and historical research are depicted in the present monograph: Each of the now 50 species documented in South Tyrol is presented individually with South Tyrol specific information on ecology and distribution, with informative photos of habit and leaf forms.
The following species, listed in the literature for South Tyrol, are classified as doubtful or erroneous: Alchemilla acutidens, A. demissa, A. inconcinna, A. kerneri, A. obscura, A. trunciloba.
A detailed identification key of all so far ascertained species will provide a reliable aid for the further study of the genus Alchemilla in South Tyrol.

Alchemilla, Italy, South Tyrol, distribution, determination key, illustration

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