Botanica e micologia

Die Verbreitung der Wildrosen in Südtirol (Provinz Bozen, Italien)

Mair P.

Sources for the present paper are mainly data from the general floristic mapping between 1970 – 2005 and of a targetedmapping and collection of specimens between 2001 and 2005.Twenty species of wild roses are considered native to South Tyrol following the species concept of HENKER (2000): Rosa canina, R. dumalis, R. subcanina, R. corymbifera, R. caesia, R. subcollina, R. montana, R. agrestis, R. inodora, R. elliptica, R. micrantha, R. rubiginosa, R. villosa, R. tomentosa, R. pseudoscabri-uscula, R. glauca, R. balsamica, R. pendulina, R. spinosissima, R. arvensis. A first overview of the actual geographical distribution is given and compared to historical data from literature. In addition, the general distribution and ecology of the species is briefly given. Wild roses in South Tyrol have their main distribution within the low montane belt between 900 – 1100 m. Many species, however, show a rather wide range of vertical distribution.

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