Eine ungewöhnlich gefärbte Blindschleiche (Anguis sp.) aus dem oberen Eisacktal (Südtirol, Italien)

Alexander Pieh


The finding of a young adult slow worm, coloured black-blue, from the upper Eisack Valley / Valle Isarco (South Tyrol / Alto Adige [Italy]) is reported. The colouring is attributed to a lack of yellow colour pigments (axanthism). Potential advantages and disadvantages that arise from the colouration are discussed. It is believed that the unusual colouration is due to a spontaneous mutation.
At the time of writing this article the specific status of the slow worm occurring in this region is not known. It could be either a specimen of Anguis fragilis Linnaeus, 1758 or one of Anguis veronensis Pollini, 1818, as well as a hybrid form between these two taxa.

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