Botanica e micologia

Ergänzungen und Korrekturen zum Katalog der Gefäßpflanzen Südtirols (3)

Thomas Wilhalm, Reinhold Beck, Edith Schneider-Fürchau & Wilhelm Tratter

With regard to the ”Catalogue of the vascular plants of South Tyrol” new data are communicated. New to the flora of South Tyrol are the native taxa Juncus minutulus and J. cf. ranarius as well as Dianthus superbus subsp. superbus and Myosurus minimus, both classified as adventitious. Of Betonica alopecuros, Buphthalmum salicifolium and Doronicum columnae records are given from regions where the species were hitherto considered as totally absent. New distributional data are also reported for the rare Dracocephalum ruyschiana and Ephedra helvetica while the (historical) occurrence of Anagallis foemina, Cerastium arvense subsp. suffruticosum and Hordeum vulgare subsp. distichon in South Tyrol is definitely confirmed.



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