Botanica e micologia

Ergänzungen und Korrekturen zum Katalog der Gefäßpflanzen Südtirols (7)

Wilhalm et al.

Around ten years have passed since the publication of the catalogue of the vascular plants of South Tyrol. In the present 7th contribution of additions and corrections to the catalogue, new species can be presented which are either new to the flora of South Tyrol or which are reconfirmed. New are the autochthonous species Alchemilla glomerulans, A. hirtipes, A. tenuis and A. venosula, as well as the allochthonous Dysphania pumilio, Eryngium planum, Linaria dalmatica, Miscanthus sinensis, Nassella tenuissima, Nepeta racemosa, Nymphaea ×marliacea, Pachysandra terminalis, Psilurus incurvus, and Tropaeolum majus, which are all classified as casuals or at most as locally established. Bromus sitchensis, though present in South Tyrol since at least the 1990ies, was detected only recently during the revision of Bromus sect. Ceratochloa-specimens in the herbarium BOZ. Among the reconfirmed species are Alchemilla propinqua, Ajuga chamaepitys, Blackstonia acuminata, and Crepis setosa. With the exception of Alchemilla propinqua, it is unclear if the observed stands represent relic populations or – more probable – if they are due to a recent reintroduction.


Full author list:

Thomas Wilhalm, Georg Aichner, Christine Kögl, Gisella Leitner, Johann Madl, Petra Mair, Alberto Pizzulli, Erika Sölva, Elias Spögler, Walter Stockner & Wilhelm Tratter


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