Botanica e micologia

Ergänzungen und Korrekturen zum Katalog der Gefäßpflanzen Südtirols (8)

Wilhalm et al.

The 8th contribution encompasses records of adventitious taxa which are either new (Caryopteris ×clandonensis, Centaurea macrocephala, Galanthus nivalis, Sporobolus indicus, Verbena bonariensis) to South Tyrol or have been observed only in historical time or at last until several decades ago (Acalypha virginica, Amaranthus hypochondriacus, Callistephus chinensis, Conringia orientalis, Glebionis coronaria, Hibiscus syriacus, Lonicera periclymenum, Myrrhis odorata, Ribes nigrum, Salvia nemorosa). Jacobaea alpina, indigenous in other regions of South Tyrol, is first recorded as a casual in the Venosta Valley and Campanula cervicaria, whose historical presence in South Tyrol is only attested to by a fragmentary herbarium specimen from the middle of the 19th Century, can be reconfirmed after more than 150 years. New records are given also for the very rare Carex maritima and Trifolium saxatile, both species of high nature conservation value.


Full author list:

Thomas Wilhalm, Georg Aichner, Carlo Argenti, Edith Bucher, Waltraud Egger, Marion Fink, Ernst Girardi, Andreas Hilpold, Gisella Hofer, Thomas Kiebacher, Martin Mallaun, Filippo Prosser, Arnold Rinner, Erika Sölva, Walter Stockner, Michael Thalinger, Wilhelm Tratter, Peter Unterluggauer, Joachim Winkler & Franziska Zemmer

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