Botanica e micologia

Ergänzungen und Korrekturen zum Katalog der Gefäßpflanzen Südtirols.

Wilhalm et al.

The 5th contribution includes adventitious as well as native species which are either new to the flora of South Tyrol or are definitely confirmed. Among the native species are Alchemilla cymatophylla, A. lunaria, A. cf. niphogeton, A. cf. othmarii, A. fallax, and A. versipila, the latter two being discovered during studies in the Herbarium W (Vienna). Also new are Elymus campestris, Rumex stenophyllus and Taraxacum senile. Among adventitious species could be observed the casual Crepis sancta, Euphorbia myrsinites, Glaucium flavum, Inula helenium, Lobelia erinus, Meconopsis cambrica, Kerria japonica, and Persicaria polystachia.Recent records allowed to reconfirm or definitely confirm the presence of the following native or archeophytic taxa: Aethusa cynapium subsp. elata, Alchemilla undulata, Androsace chamaejasme, Fagopyrum tataricum, and Taraxacum parnassicum. Likewise, the adventitious Artemisia dracunculus, Prunus cerasus, Spiraea salicifolia, Vicia pannonica subsp. pannonica, all known from historical times, have been rediscovered. New records are communicated of the rare native species Rhaponticum scariosum and Woodsia ilvensis.


Full author list:

Thomas Wilhalm, Georg Aichner, Andreas Hilpold, Norbert Hölzl, Hubert Joos, Dietmar Leitner, Bruno Pellegrini, Alberto Pizzulli, Arnold Rinner, Walter Stockner & Wilhelm Tratter


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