Botanica e micologia

Ergebnisse der floristischen Kartierung, vornehmlich aus den Jahren 2002 – 2004

Wilhalm T., Zemmer F., Beck R., Stockner W. & Tratter W.

13 indigenous, including archeophytic taxa are reported as new to South Tyrol: Alchemilla plicata, A. saxatilis, Campanula patula subsp. costae, Carex polyphylla, C. tumidicarpa, Cerastium lucorum, Chenopodium opulifolium, Elymus athericus × hispidus, Festuca nitida, Galeopsis bifida, Potamogeton praelongus, Silene vulgaris subsp. antelopum and Viola kitaibeliana. For Geranium argenteum, the native status is uncertain. Also new are 40 neophytes, among them both not persisting and (locally) established taxa. The neophytes Impatiens parviflora, Juncus tenuis, Lepidium virginicum and Solidago gigantea are already known from literature, but only through very local records which by no means reflect the actual distribution in South Tyrol. Thus, a current presentation seemed to be appropriate. First concrete data are given for Galeobdolon flavidum, Oenothera biennis s.str. and Parthenocissus inserta whose historical records can only be interpreted at the aggregate level. The present work concludes the series of new finding reports which provided the base of the catalogue of the vascular plants of South Tyrol.

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