First record of the pollen/bearing reproductive organ Hydropterangium from the Rhaetian of Germany

Johanna H.A. van Konijnenburg-van Cittert, Evelyn Kustatscher, Christian Pott, Günter Dütsch & Stefan Schmeißner

The pollen-bearing reproductive organ Hydropterangium roesleri nov. spec. is described from the Rhaetian (uppermost Triassic) of Wüstenwelsberg near Coburg, Germany. The organ consists of a broad axis, with helically arranged short side branches that at their end bear a small number of capsules. These kidney-shaped capsules comprise two valves with a dehiscence slit along the outer margin and contain elongated pollen sacs with in situ Vitreisporites pollen grains. The material is compared to other Hydropterangium species, and the botanical affinity of these organs is discussed, as well as the possible foliage species that may have belonged to the same plant. Finally, we speculate that some seeds associated with Hydropterangium roesleri material, may have belonged to the same natural taxon.



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