Late Paleozoic and Mesozoic terrestrial environments in the Dolomites and surrounding areas

Evelyn Kustatscher, Massimo Bernardi, Fabio Massimo Petti, Marco Avanzini & Riccardo Tomasoni

This excursion will take us to some of the most interesting outcrops of non-marine environments in the Dolomites and surrounding areas. This includes the late Permian Groden/Val Gardena Sandstone of the Bletterbach gorge, the Middle and Late Triassic successions of the Etschtal/Valle dell’Adige and Nonstal/Val di Non (Bad Gfrill/Bagni di Caprile, Gampenpass/Passo Palade, Mt. Roen) and the Lower Jurassic successions of the famous Lavini di Marco dinosaur tracksite, near Rovereto. These sections, most of which intensively restudied in the last years by the authors of this guide, yielded well preserved plant remains, diverse tetrapod footprints as well as insect traces giving important insights into the paleoenvironmental and climatic conditions at the paleotropics during the late Palaeozoic and Mesozoic.

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