Lista Rossa 2020 degli uccelli nidificanti in Alto Adige

Francesco Ceresa & Petra Kranebitter

Red lists evaluate the short-term extinction risk of given taxa, a very important information for conservation. The IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria represent a widely recognized and highly objective procedure to evaluate extinction risk at both global
and sub-global levels. In this work, we assessed the extinction risk of birds breeding in South Tyrol, an inner Alpine area in Italy, based on the IUCN guidelines for regional assessments. Out of 143 evaluated species, 59 (41%) were classified as Least Concern
(LC), 10 (7%) as Near Threatened (NT), 25 (17%) as Vulnerable, (VU), 16 (11%) as Endangered (EN), 14 (10%) as Critically Endangered (CR) and 2 (1%) as Regionally Extinct (RE), while for 17 species (12%) data were not sufficient to perform the assessment (Data Deficient – DD). In many cases, our local assessments were consistent with the species conservation status at larger scales. We strongly encourage a more wide, long-term and properly designed local bird monitoring to improve the information available for conservation.

Alpine birds, bird conservation, bird monitoring, Italy, IUCN Red List, South Tyrol

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