Botanica e micologia

Neue Verbreitungsdaten zu den Gefäßpflanzen Südtirols

Wilhalm T.

The present paper opens a new series of publications which aim at communicating new distributional data of selected vascular plant species in South Tyrol. In the past years, the author and his co-workers focused on taxa new to South Tyrol, while those to be presented in the new series are already known to this region, to a major part since the 19th Century. However, the knowledge of their distribution has increased significantly due to exhaustive mapping during the last years and decades. Many of them are of particular phytogeographical interest. The first issue includes the following species: Achillea nana, Agrostis canina, Agrostis vinealis, Arabis nova, Astrantia minor, Bupleurum stellatum, Geranium divaricatum, Geranium rivulare, Glyceria declinata, Linnaea borealis, Lychnis flos-jovis, Minuartia mutabilis, and Myosotis stricta.

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