Botanica e micologia

Note sulla distribuzione e l’indigenato in Italia di Alopecuros geniculatus

Wilhalm T.

This work is intended to continue the revision of Alopecurus geniculatus in Italy carried out by Conti (1997) by means of material preserved in the most important Italian herbaria. The examination of historical specimens of A. geniculatus in selected Austrian and German herbaria is aimed at a possible (re)evaluation of an autochthonous status of A. geniculatus in SouthTyrol and in Italy, respectively. Apart from erroneous determinations (Alopecurus aequalis!), the revision led to clear historical records of A. geniculatus in Italy originating from three different sites in South Tyrol. When comparing the situation of the species in adjacent foreign regions with a few known historical records, A. geniculatus is assumed to be indigenous to Northern Italy, in particular to South Tyrol. The current distribution of A. geniculatus in South Tyrol is presented, as are indications of the relevant morphological features necessary for a correct determination of the species.

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