Preliminary report on a new vertebrate track and flora site from Piz da Peres (Anisian-Illyrian)

Rossana Todesco, Michael Wachtler, Evelyn Kustatscher & Marco Avanzini

This paper deals with the description of a large late Anisian (Illyrian) ichnosite with lens-shaped layers rich in fossil plants located between Olang (Valdaora) and San Vigilio di Marebbe (Pustertal – Val Badia) in the Northern Dolomites denominated Piz da Peres/Furklpass (Passo Furcia). A relatively large ichnoassociation, in which various ichnogenera can be recognized, comes from the siliciclastic Richthofen Conglomerate of Illyrian (Upper Anisian) age. Most of the footprints and trackways are, according to the preliminary studies, referable to Rhynchosauroides and probably pertain to lizard-like reptiles. Subordinately footprints of archosaurs are preserved. In particular, the ichnogenera Isochirotherium and various chirotheroid footprints have been recognized. Many tracks are at present unidentified. The site also yielded numerous fossil plant horizons and some scattered invertebrate tracks and remains. The richest and best preserved plants occur in the lower part of the Richthofen Conglomerate, although isolated plant-fragments can be found everywhere in the Morbiac Dark Limestone. A preliminary analysis allows the identification of a flora with representatives belonging to Sphenophyta, Pteridophyta, Pteridospermae and Pteridospermae. The conifer Voltzia recubariensis is largely dominant.


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