Botanica e micologia

Rote Liste der gefährdeten Gefäßpflanzen Südtirols

Wilhalm T. & Hilpold A.

This Red List has been drawn up according to the concept provided by Zulka et al. (2001) with the goal of the greatest possible transparency when assessing the threat to the individual taxa. Of the 2361 taxa that were surveyed, 79 (3.3%) were classified as missing or extinct. Of the remaining 2282, 27% were considered to be endangered (5% CR, 8% EN, 8% VU, and 6% NT) and 61% to be not endangered. No evaluation was possible for 12% of the taxa because of insufficient data. Among the threatened species, those of damp and wet habitats predominate, followed by species inhabiting dry grassland and arable land. The main risk cause turned out to be the intensification of agriculture. In addition, the abandonment of traditional agricultural methods as well as rareness as the only risk cause are shown to be crucial.


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