Voltzia recubariensis from the uppermost Angolo Limestone of Bagolino

Peter Brack & Evelyn Kustatscher

Bagolino is the Global Stratotype Section and point for the base of the Ladinian Stage, well known for its ammonoids, bivalves and conodonts, while plant remains have so far not been described. Recently a conifer shoot of Voltzia recubariensis was found in the Anisian Angolo Limestone of the Rio Riccomassimo section east of Bagolino. This discovery opened a taxonomic discussion. A detailed literature research confirmed the validity of the name Voltzia recubariensis against V. agordica. The plant remain confirms also the presence of emerged land near Bagolino during the Anisian, probably to the south. It confirms also that V. recubariensis was one of the most common taxa of the Anisian of the Southern Alps and suggests that the flora of the western border area of the Tethys ocean must have been quite uniform.

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