Mostra temporanea chiusa venerdì 31 maggio.

Vi informiamo che venerdì 31 maggio la nostra mostra temporanea “Caldera – all’ombra del supervulcano” rimarrà chiusa e pertanto non sarà accessibile al pubblico.


Wanzenfunde (Insecta: Heteroptera) der 47. Tagung der „Arbeitsgemeinschaft Mitteleuropäischer Heteropterologen“ in Südtirol (Italien) (27.–29.8.2021)

Andreas Hilpold, Johann Brandner, Markus Bräu, Wolfgang Dorow, Franco Faraci, Martin M. Gossner, Viktor Hartung, Ralf Heckmann, Michael Münch, Josef Nawratil, Wolfgang Rabitsch, Michael Raupach, Helga Simon & Petra Kranebitter

Heteroptera records collected on the occasion of the 47th meeting of the “Working Group of Central European Heteropterologists” in the province of Bolzano/Bozen, South Tyrol, Italy, are reported. A total of 242 species were observed during the three official field days. Including the findings of the individual excursions of single participants a total number of 266 species were documented. The excursion of the first day led to the Fennberger See (110 species), day two led to the Dolomites next to Karerpass/ Passo di Carezza (63 species) and the third excursion day focussed on the steppe­like areas of the Vinschger Sonnenberg (131 species). Among the total findings, one species is new to Italy (Phytocoris nowickyi) and another 16 species are new to South Tyrol (Amphiareus obscuriceps, Aradus truncatus, Closterotomus norwegicus, Elatophilus stigmatellus, Eurydema rotundicollis, Halticus pusillus, Megalonotus antennatus, Metacanthus meridionalis, Orthotylus caprai, Phytocoris meridionalis, Phytocoris obliquus, Pinalitus cervinus, Polymerus brevicornis, Polymerus microphthalmus, Stygnocoris similis, Velia caprai). The true bug fauna of South Tyrol must still be regarded as insufficiently known and further rare and endangered species that are interesting biogeographically and faunistically are to be expected.

True Bugs, new records, faunistic research

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