Ferns and fern allies in the Rhaetian flora of Wüstenwelsberg, Bavaria, Germany

Johanna H. A. Van Konijnenburg-van Cittert, Christian Pott, Stefan Schmeißner, Günter Dütsch, Evelyn Kustatscher

The Rhaetian flora from Wüstenwelsberg (Franconia, southern Germany) comprises a diverse array of cryptogam plants. Twelve species of lycophytes, sphenophytes and ferns are identified and described by means of macromorphology and in situ spores, when present. The study is part of the ongoing examination of this recently excavated and excellently preserved fossil plant assemblage. In total, two lycophyte taxa (Lepacyclotes and Selaginellites) and one sphenophyte (Equisetites) have been identified. Ferns are represented by eight species in three families; Osmundaceae with one Todites and two Cladophlebis species; Matoniaceae with two Phlebopteris species, and Dipteridaceae with Clathropteris, Dictyophyllum and Thaumatopteris with one species each. Curled fern fronds have been attributed to the fossil-genus Spiropteris.

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