XVIII Congress of the Italian Paleontological Society (Trento and Predazzo, June 6-8, 2018)

Massimo Bernardi, Riccardo Tomasoni, Fabio Massimo Petti, Evelyn Kustatscher, Hendrik Nowak, Guido Roghi, Nereo Preto, Herwig Prinoth & Piero Gianolla

The XVIII Congress of the Italian Paleontological Society, which was hosted by MUSE – Science Museum of Trento, NE Italy, June 6–8, 2018, gathered about 90 Italian and a few international palaeontologists for a three-days meeting. On June 7, the authors of this report organized and guided a full day excursion that visited two outcrops in the Dolomites region (Bolzano Province) where Permian and Triassic strata outcrop nicely and with easy access. The field trip visited the well-known Bletterbach gorge, where the upper Permian succession crops out extensively along a 210 m thick succession, and a very peculiar section recently studied by the authors near Tramin/Termeno in the Adige valley, which exposes an upper Permian to Early Triassic succession along a forest road.

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